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Feel like a fish out of water?  Looking for somewhere new? Surroundings affect our energy and attitudes.



Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years to balance life with natural energy and location.  Vital skills,  creativity and intuition can rewards all areas of life from family harmony to balance sheets.

Vastu is an ancient Indian architectural tradition that holds a building to be a living organism to be designed in harmony  with the underlying structure of the universe.  Such a building attunes its occupants to natural energy, increased health, wellbeing and productivity.


9 Ki identifies the nine elements dominating all individuals, business, workforce and projects. It is also the time aspect in feng shui and vastu.   9 Ki provides a powerful framework against which to measure and understand family, marital and workplace relationships - now and in the future.

Raymond Catchpole has been working internationally since 1996 in these disciplines with a client list of benchmark corporations, successful individuals and happy families.

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