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raymond catchpole.  There is no universally agreed format for feng shui consultations.    Raymond's practical and acclaimed approach uses site visits that combine no-nonsense advice with walk-through observation of the feng shui aspects, followed up by printed report. This report can be a reference point over several years. Distance evaluation with plans and photographs can be used, but is less effective.


The visit begins by getting to know the occupants of the property using the principles of 9 Ki, a vital component of feng shui astrology, to ascertain the energies driving their true potential so that all changes introduced by feng shui will be personally relevant.   Walking through the property with one or more of the occupiers provides an opportunity to read how the space itself is relating to their life, health, wealth and happiness.  Advice can immediately be given on how changes in placement, lighting, colour or orientation can have a beneficial influence.  Problem areas creating negativity or blocked relationships can be cleared.  There is an opportunity for the client's questions.  Every part of the home or business is considered and it is best if seen in its usual state!


Fees vary according to the size and location of the property.    Fixed fee quotations are the usual course.  Travel and related expenses outside London and East Anglia can be all-inclusive within a fixed fee, avoiding unexpected extras.  Where two or three consultations can be clustered, travel costs can be spread, reducing the individual charge.    Payment of fees is due in full at the time of the first visit.


spatial dynamics.  Corporate consultation, surveys and advice can be arranged at negotiated fees to suit the project and company.    Longer term retainers can be negotiated to keep a company on the right track.