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Feng Shui principles when used in gardens, landscaping and public open space will introduce creative energy to uplift the occupier and traveller.   The five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood can be used singly and together to produce sustainable living works of art.  Each element has colours and geometric shapes and solids asociated with it to produce a satisfying and innovative space.  Compass orientation is used to follow the sun and to enhance life's aspirations by traditional asociation of moods, emotions and potential. 


Enhancements to bring any space into tune with the cosmos can be achieved through the ancient Indian architectural and building traditions of Vastu. His advice has been incorporated into important garden development in Mumbai and Delhi, as well as working with Maharishi Vastu garden estates in the UK.

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9 Ki uses its identified nine element system to devise places of harmony, refuge, mystery and clarity as required for development of family or partner relationships and workforce achievement in busines landsapes.


Raymond Catchpole is an accredited professional working internationally since 1996 in these disciplines and was affiliated to the RIBA and Landscape Institute.   His landcaping work with feng shui includes the herb gardens of Deni Bown, author of the RHS Herbal Encylopaedia and programmes for Anglia TV on the hidden feng shui secrets of the Somerleyton Hall estate and the creation of a dragon garden in Norfolk.

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