feng shui l vastu l 9 ki l listen to what your space is telling you

raymond catchpole

Listen!  There's a story to hear.



Space listening is at the heart of successful feng shui and related disciplines.  The space around us is not empty; rather it holds the memories and energies of whatever has gone on before and also holds the potential for change in every way.  The five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood can be used to change and improve a situation, but there is another unseen element in Vastu, which is known as Ether or Akasha, which can also be appreciated and which provides a matrix against which long lasting change for good can be set.  All we need to do is listen.


Whatever has transpired in that space in the past can be listened to and the situation altered as needed.  Whatever negativity has built up up from the past can be released, just as the good energy of beneficial actions can be harnessed for today - and tomorrow.


Raymond Catchpole applies all the knowledge and experience he has accumulated in a lifetime of studying eastern philosophy with a practical sensitivity to hear what our space needs and works to bring that space back to harmony for the benefit of families and corporations.


Space is the breath of art.  Frank Lloyd Wright.

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